A Livable Future — Bob Martin, Johns Hopkins Center

A sustainable food system, including livestock production, is essential. That is the perspective being advanced in thought and deed by Bob Martin of the John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future. A Kansas farm boy himself, Bob sees the shortcomings in the current system and also sees reasons to be encouraged. Consumers, politicians and farmers themselves will find plenty to chew on in this Farm To Table Talk.

Sustainable Truth — Patrick Holden SFT

The world needs more sustainable food systems and Patrick Holden, CEO of UK based Sustainable Food Trust, points the way forward. It starts with recognizing the “true cost of food”. It means moving from industrialized models to systems which avoid environmental damage, minimizes natural resource depletion and promotes public health, social justice and well-being. Learn more in our podcast and at sustainablefoodtrust.org

Farm to Fable — Laura Reiley TB Times

Are menus truthful about the farm source of our food? Many are not according to Laura Reiley of the Tampa Bay Times. On this Farm To Table Talk Laura explains what they have learned, what consumers can do and what might come next. It’s all about consumers desire to know where their food comes from, how its raised and who really is the farmer. And it’s about trust.

yRead Laura Riele’s article: http://www.tampabay.com/projects/2016/food/farm-to-fable/restaurants/

True Food Cost — Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin is the most famous farmer in the US and he’s becoming a global celebrity too. The Sustainable Food Trust hears Joel’s recommendations for the the future of Food at the “True Cost of American Food Conference”. He shares his wisdom for caring consumers, other farmers, and even Grandparents. Featured in films and author of 10 books, this is a conversation for our times. @susfoodtrust

Raised Humanely — Dan Berman

Today many consumers want more than just abundant, delicious and affordable food; they want to know how their food is produced and whether the animals were treated humanely. The American Humane Association is one of the organizations that provides certification of animal raising practices to give that assurance. Dan Berman explains what is “humane” and how they confirm that humane practices are being used.

Sisters Undercover–Kacy and Kara

There is good reason to be skeptical about food claims, especially when you have auto-immune diseases like these sisters, Kacy and Kara. “Sisters Undercover” sounds funny but they are dead serious about finding the truth behind what they consume. They must eat “clean” and are sharing what they learn–the good and the not so good.

FarmingTea Salad–Irene Cho

The journey from farm to table is seldom more intriguing than that taken for the best salad in the West, from Myamar to Burma Superstar. Fermented tea leaves from Burmese farmers is the star ingredient of the consistently top-rated salad. That’s good news for farmers in Myamar who hope to expand their Certified Organic tea production to meet the growing demand for the leaves: “Eat Your Tea!”

Beyond GMO–Melody Meyer

GMOs have been controversial for years, but what’s next? Melody Meyer, VP United Natural Foods addressed the future as a panelist at Natural Foods Expo panel on “Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering–Concerns and Opportunities”. Melody lays out the issues in this Farm To Table Talk.

Healthy Soil Healthy People–Fred Kirschenmann

Our health is connected to the health of our soil. Fred Kirschenmann explains how we got where we are today and how regenerative and resilient soils are a key to a healthy future. As he explained at the Organic Farming Research Foundation at Natural Foods Expo West, he introduces the concept of ‘bio-regional communities” that will develop local food and farming economies, appropriate to place.

Plate of the Union–Ricardo Salvador U.C.S.

Presidential politics may have addressed everything that matters except what may matter most, our food system. Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, and other food movement leaders, including our guest Ricardo Salvador from the Union of Concerned Scientists intend to change that with the “Plate of the Union”. Ricardo explains the issues, the political process now and what should happen next..