Dietary Guidelines — Sharon Palmer, RD

The Dietary Guidelines for America has taken several big steps, although not as big as some would like. Sharon Palmer, RD, outlines what the changes will mean. One of the recommendations has already been acted on when FDA announced new nutrition fact labels that require the listing of “added sugars”.

Farm to Table Talk




Farm to Table Talk explores issues and the growing interest in the story of how and where the food on our tables is produced, processed and marketed. The host, Rodger Wasson is a food and agriculture veteran. Although he was the first of his family to leave the grain and livestock farm after five generations farming in America, he’s continually worked for and with farmers though-out America and around the world. From directly managing commodity boards and councils to presently building the strategic consultancy, Idea Farming. .   The Farm to Table Talk podcasts have been created for anyone interested in individual journeys within the food movement, the modern food system and stories behind our every bite.

The tables are turned as Rodger shares his journey and why the Farm To Table Talk podcast was created in the following Urban Farmer podcast with  the Urban Farmer himself, Greg Peterson,