Abundance From Crisis – Donna Kilpatrick Heifer USA

The pandemic of 2020 portends a world of food insecurity, unless it leads to farming and food distribution innovations putting consumers in closer communications with a wider variety of new small-scale farmers to compliment re-focused  traditional agriculture. Coming from the crisis can be  \”gardens of eden\” reducing hunger and poverty with  just abundance of food and viable farmers. transforming communities as they support their own families and spark economic growth in rural America.  Heifer USA  a non-profit farm in the Oauachita Mountains of Arkansas, is providing hands on learning and accecess to livestock and horticulture experts to farmers in the Mid South and across the US to grow regenerative farming enterprises. Donna Kilpatrick is the Ranch Manager and Land Steward of Heifer Ranch. She explains how to pursue a regenerative mission and what\’s at stake when the world could run out of adequate farm land in 50 or 60 years. An important partner in solving today\’s marketing challenge for small scale farmers is the Grass Roots Cooperative that processes and delivers meat from the member farmers through an E-commerce platform. It\’s a creation of new players and new solutions for the persistent problems of  food safety, security, justice, taste and economic viability. \"\"

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