Humane Washing – Ben Goldsmith


“Green Washing” is a better recognized term than “Humane Washing” but it’s the same idea of claiming to be as good as your customers want to hear. Exaggerations or plain mistruths take liberty with the true facts of the matter.  Farm Forward is one organization that is watching and calling out retailers and others in the food chains that they believe are making animal welfare claims that cannot be substantiated. Ben Goldsmith is the  Co-founder and Chief Strategist of Farm Forward and organization that openly calls for the end of “factory farms” to be ultimately replaced with more equitable, sustainable and humane practices.

Metaverse Farm to Metaverse Table – Troy Hooper, Clubhouse


Food is changing. How will we eat? That’s the question posed in the Farm To Table Talk Clubhouse room to Troy Hooper a multi- business entrepreneur in the hospitality space with a consulting practice to build and scale emerging brands. Troy and Rodger Wasson are joined live in the Clubhouse room by a large group of members. Joining the conversation “on stage” are Chef Dr. Mike, a cardiologist, professional chef and author;  Regenerative Livestock Manager, Ben Glassen; farming entrepreneur Cindy Beuchert, Sara Calvosa, Indigenous Californian, Karuk Tribe food writer, author and others.

Ideas can be farmed! The seeds of ideas can be planted, cultivated, harvested, distributed and consumed. For ideas about growing, marketing and consuming food, Idea Farming consultancy was created– helping organizations tell their stories and grow their brands And for conversations about ideas that will matter there is the Farm To Table Talk podcast. Hear about new ideas at  For help with authentic stories and strategic counsel go to  Join the drop in audio version of Farm to Table Talk on Clubhouse. 

COP 26 Ag Focus – Karen Ross, Secretary of CA Ag.

Nothing less than the future of the world is the focus of the gathering in Glasgow Scotland, known as COP 26.  The California Secretary of Agriculture, Karen Ross was there to share the progress and goals of agriculture in California and from there talks with Farm To Table Talk host, Rodger Wasson.


Bet The Farm – Beth Hoffman

Beth Hoffman was living the good life: she had a successful career as a journalist and professor, a comfortable home in San Francisco, and plenty of close friends and family. Yet in her late 40s, she and her husband decided to leave the big city and move to his family ranch in Iowa—all for the dream of becoming a farmer, to put into practice everything she had learned over decades of reporting on food and agriculture. There was just one problem: money.Half of America’s two million farms made less than $300 in 2019. Between rising land costs, ever-more expensive equipment, the growing uncertainty of the climate, and few options for health care, farming today is a risky business. For many, simply staying afloat is a constant struggle. Beth Hoffman shares the story of the struggles faced by farmers and paths to a more just and sustainable food system, that starts on the farm. https://island


Chefs’ Manifesto – Paul Newnham

The Chefs’ Manifesto is a chef-led project that brings together 1000+ chefs from around the world to help deliver a sustainable food system. As chefs bridge the gap between farm and fork, the Chefs’ Manifesto empowers chefs with a framework tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This framework consists of simple, practical actions chefs can take and are grouped in key areas. Paul Newnham, the Global Coordinator for Chef’s Manifesto, sees Chefs as the Conduit between food producers and eaters with a powerful role to play in accomplishing worldwide sustainable development.

Meat Comes Back – Michael Dimock

COVID disruptions again showed that instead of dependence on a few global meat conglomerates, States and Provinces need more small-scale slaughter and cut-and-wrap facilities — creating  skilled jobs throughout rural communities.  The Biden Administration’s commitment to increase fairness in livestock and poultry markets, and USDA’s new short-term funding for local meat processing, are a start. Coupling those with systemic solutions proposed in Congress and  Legislatures will create  Meat Processing Inspection programs “equal to” USDA inspection.  Michael Dimock and Roots of Change are working to unleash more market opportunities for small- and mid-scale meat producers, increase local meat supply chain resilience, protect workers and aid rural communities.

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Bucket List Dining – Chef Dneb Williams

In our ideal world the best farming  finds its way to the best restaurants. One of those journeys leads to Allora in Sacramento where the best things in life belong together,  food and wine. Allora is the dream of a sommelier and a chef; husband and wife. Two partners who love Sacramento and are infatuated with Italy. Featuring over 250 wines, fresh pasta made daily, and a commitment to sustainable seafood, Allora is the best of where they are from, of what they have experienced, and what is yet to come. Chef and Partner Dneb Williams describes Allora as a wine-centric gathering place that celebrates modern Italian food and the  Sacramento areas bounty. Chef Dneb share the journey to source sustainable, artisanal food and wine locally and in Italy. www.

Food Wise Experience Is Everything – Gigi Berardi

“Experience is everything,” says Gigi Berardi, Ph.D., author of Food Wise: A Whole Systems Guide to Sustainable and Delicious Food Choices, “We all eat, but we make different choices about what to eat and how.” Improving how we make these choices can mean the difference between continued frustration with what we put in our bodies and a more healthful, meaningful relationship with food and nourishment. Food “Wise” stands for: whole, informed, sustainable and experienced-based thinking. She invites readers to think holistically about how we can procure and produce incredible meals, and draw deep nourishment from the foods we prepare and consume. In addition to being a food resilience professor at Huxley College in Bellingham Washington, the author is a sheep farmer, cheese maker and a slow food movement proponent.



Rewilding is Healing – Daniel Firth Griffith

Rewilding can regenerate our relationship with nature/soil, sequester carbon, increase biodiversity, nourish foods and heal our communities. Rewilding is happening in Nelson County, Virginia with 100% grass-fed and finished cattle, heritage & holistically foraged pigs, and 100% grass-fed sheep on the Timshel Wildland –a 400-acre regenerative, process-led, and emergent conservation wildland. The owner, Daniel Firth Griffith, is an author, emergent conservationist and director of the Rabinia Institute, a Savory Institute Hub. @timshel


UN Food System Summit – Paul Newnham


World leaders have committed to tackling global hunger, climate change and biodiversity loss at an historic UN Food Systems Summit. More than 150 countries made commitments to transform their food systems, while championing greater participation and equity, especially amongst farmers, women, youth and indigenous groups. What is this global food system and why does it matter? After a full day of hearing Presidents, Prime Ministers and UN officials express their vision,  Farm To Table Talk visits with an experienced hand at global diplomacy engaged from farm to table all over the world. Paul Newnham is the Director of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 Advocacy Hub, a secretariat catalyzing, convening, and connecting NGOs, advocacy groups, civil society, the private sector and UN agencies to coordinate global campaigning and advocacy to achieve food systems transformation. The 2021 UN Food System Summit has concluded but the journey continues.