Appreciating Joel Salatin – Ben Glassen

\"\"On Vancouver Island in British Columbia Ben Glassen is following the advice that Joel Salatin has shared in books, speaking engagements and on the Farm To Table Talk Podcast. Using Joel\’s model, Ben is providing Pastured Poultry  for Vancouver Island families by moving chickens across the field daily to evenly spread the wear, fertilization and ensuring the birds are always happily on fresh grass. He followed Joel Salatin\’s four principals for a young farmer: 1) Borrow land 2) Mobile infrastructure 3) Modular units to scale 4) Direct market to the end user.  It\’s a solution to the problem faced by many: how to start farming when you are rich in enthusiasm but not in land or money.  Instagram @GlassenFarms

Ben\’s Favorite Podcasters: Rodger Wasson- Farm To Table Talk; Diego Footer – Permaculture Voices, Grass Fed Life, Farm Small Farm Smart; Darby Simpson- Grassfed Life; John Suscovich – Farm Marketing Solutions and Growing Farms Podcast; Tim Young – Small Farm Nation; Terrance Layhew – The Intellectual Agrarian; Mike Badger – The Fighting Farmer Podcast; Justin Rhodes – You Tube and Abundant Permaculture, leading to Joel Salatin, leading to Wendall Berry, leading to Sir Albert Howard leading to…..