Orchard To Table – Holly King

In addition to growing a healthy food that people love, the California almond community is dedicated to producing an economically, environmentally and socially responsible crop for California (Sustainability). Recognizing their local role in California agriculture and global role as a powerhouse in almond production, they’re working to grow almonds in better, safer, and healthier ways, protecting their communities and environment. The Almond Orchard 2025 Goals are the latest way the California almond community is committed to continuous improvement. By 2025, the California almond community commits to:  achieve zero waste in orchards by putting everything  they grow to optimal use; reduce the amount of water used to grow a pound of almonds by an additional 20%; reduce dust during harvest by 50%, and; increase adoption of environmentally friendly pest management tools by 25%.  Holly King is an almond farmer and the Chairman of the Almond Board of California. She joins our table to share the story of almonds rise in popularity and commitment to continuous improvement. www.almonds.com

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