Be Better, \’B\’ Corp – Stuart Woolf


\"\"Farmers want to do the best they can. That can mean much more than just better yields and better prices for their commodity to include social and environmental impacts.  It\’s not just altruistic to do the right things for the land, farm workers and the environment, since food manufacturers and retailers want to source from farms they can highlight to their own increasingly discerning customers. Woolf Farming has been going down this road for years and has recently found another way to step up their commitment by becoming a \”B Corp\”.  B stands for social and environmental benefits. Stuart Woolf explains that adding the effort and expense of incorporating B Corp standards into their family company keeps them on the preferred supplier list for their own customers who are setting similar standards for themselves.  It\’s not just \”greenwashing\” as detractors  might claim, but for the Woolf\’s it is an earnest commitment to do the right thing and increase the odds that the farm will still be thriving 100 years from now.



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