Food Wise Experience Is Everything – Gigi Berardi

\"\"\”Experience is everything,\” says Gigi Berardi, Ph.D., author of Food Wise: A Whole Systems Guide to Sustainable and Delicious Food Choices, “We all eat, but we make different choices about what to eat and how.” Improving how we make these choices can mean the difference between continued frustration with what we put in our bodies and a more healthful, meaningful relationship with food and nourishment. Food “Wise” stands for: whole, informed, sustainable and experienced-based thinking. She invites readers to think holistically about how we can procure and produce incredible meals, and draw deep nourishment from the foods we prepare and consume. In addition to being a food resilience professor at Huxley College in Bellingham Washington, the author is a sheep farmer, cheese maker and a slow food movement proponent.