Preserving the Given Life – Abby Lundrigan & Danny Losekamp

\"\"Will we preserve the Agrarian way that Wendell Berry calls \”the given life\”?  Farms and non-profits throughout the Country are stepping up to that challenge.  In the Ohio River Valley, Turner Farm is all in to preserve the way of life of a certain kind of agriculture. Appropriately located on \”Given Road\” in Indian Hills on the outskirts of Cincinnati, Turner Farm teaches responsibility to the earth and to the land we have stewardship over–existing to take care of what we\’ve been given and to educate consumers and aspiring farmers. Their work assures that there will be a place for people to connect to their food and to the land for perpetuity.  Danny Losekamp started thinking about these needs while he was still a soldier serving in Iraq.  Abby Lundrigan was an art history major who decided her best future would be on a farm. Today Danny is Turner Farm\’s Manager of Livestock and Pastures and Abby is Crop Production Manager. They join us for Farm To Table Talk.