Go Goat Go – Aaron Steele


\"\"Could goats provide solutions to challenges such as: extra income, a new livelihood, chores for the kids, lower carbon foot print, poison ivy, forrest fire risks and even climate remedies, a bite at a time?  In Central Iowa, Aaron Steele has become a believer and then a founder of a new business based on these beliefs. When Aaron and his family moved in to a new home with 3 and half acres, he had no experience with animal agriculture.  Facing noxious weeds on the perimeter of his property, he decided to try a few goats. Besides it would be good for his boys to have outside chores to do. Inspired by the their experience with goats the idea of a targeted goat grazing business took hold and soon Goats On The Go became a reality.  Aaron shares the journey from hobby, to supplemental income, to a new business with affiliates in 10 states. Along the way they have learned that there is hardly anywhere that goats wouldn\’t help.  www.GoatsOnTheGo.com