High Cost of Cheap Food – Bob Quinn

\"\"\”Cheap food comes at a high cost\” says Bob Quinn, a progressive leader in promoting organic and sustainable agriculture throughout the state of Montana, United States, and world.  He grew up on the family farm in Montana when no one thought twice about what he now calls \”chemical agriculture\”. Today he challenges us to be \”Chemical Free by 2043\”.  His journey and commitment to this goal is inspiring.  After finishing a PhD in plant biochemistry, Bob  Quinn took over his family\’s conventional grain and cattle farm in 1978, started experimenting with organic production in 1986, used the last chemical application on the farm in 1988, and was 100% certified organic by 1991. As demand for organics grew, Bob discovered that with time-tested practices like cover cropping and crop rotation, he can produce successful yields—without pesticides. With his company Montana Flour & Grains, he introduced the domestic natural food industry to an ancient Egyptian wheat called khorasan which is similar to durum wheat and marketed under his own brand name, KAMUT®. The brand name helps to preserve the ancient grain and guarantee it is not genetically modified or altered. Bob recently co-authored the book Grain by Grain: A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs, and Healthy Food. Bob’s challenge to the next generation is to walk through the door that the pioneers of organic opened and reintroduce the world to healthy, flavorful eating–CHEMICAL FREE BY ’43! www.eco-farm.org