Urban Farming – Rashid Nuri


Farming no longer just happens in the country.  It\’s increasingly taking place in cities around the globe.  Whether it\’s to feed a family or generate additional income, seeds in the ground, attentively cultivated to harvest is making a difference.  At home in Atlanta Rashid Nuri is continuing to promote urban agriculture as he has for over 40 years all over the world.  He has shared his perspective and experiences on Ted Talks and in books, most recently including \”Growing Out Loud – Journey of a Food Revolutionary\”. Rashid offers solutions for failures of the food system and how an urban inclusive food system will cultivate social and environmental sustainability. With a Masters Degree in Soil Science Rashid Nuri has managed farms, global agribusiness ventures, community development projects and a large department at the US Department of Agriculture. This journey and decades of urban farming have have instilled a passion that he shares in his conversation on Farm To Table Talk. www.nurigroup.com