Meat Lab to Table – Dr. Keri Szejda and Al Banisch


\”Meat\” doesn\’t necessarily have to come from animals any more.  Protein alternatives from plants have been in the market for decades and have become popular of late as restaurants and their consumers are finding plant based meat products are appealing for a number of reasons. The next new thing in protein options will be meat produced in laboratories from animal cells.  Potentially there will be more meat derived from fewer animals with fewer issues. Since over a dozen companies are racing to produce and market these new meat  products, there is a basic need to agree on what to call them. Extensive consumer research has concluded that \”Cultivated meat\” is a better name than descriptions such as \”lab grown\” or \”cell based\”. To explain the journey to name this game changing food technology, Farm To Table Talk is joined by Dr. Keri Szejda, Senior Consumer Research Scientist at the Good Food Institute and Al Banisch, Executive Vice President, New Product Strategy and Insights with Mattson.  In the near future, meat eaters will enjoy their favorite meat, that will have started as animal cells grown in a nutrient rich environment- farm to table by way of a scientific laboratory.