Organic/Conventional Global/Local – Tom Knowles, Chico Rice



Can a farmer be both a producer of a global commodity and organic wiwth local branded product available at the Farmers Market and on-line?  The answer is Yes when the question is put to Tom Knowles whose family has grown rice in Northern California for over 100 years. Too often in Agriculture organic and conventional systems are viewed as the enemy of each other.  It doesn\’t have to be that way since, done right, there is a place for both systems. Tom Knowles family has been raising rice in northern California that often makes its way from their fields to a tables in Japan. Then they decided to also grow organic rice and open a whole new venture, Chico Rice, with their own milling of blonde rice (between brown and white) and marketing at farmer\’s markets and on line.  The combination of traditional conventional and niche organic is working and gives this farming family a base they hope works for another 100 years.