Love Those Critters-Samantha Gasson, Bull City Farm


The Food Animal Concern Trust (FACT) has a \”Fund A Farmer\” program that provides financial awards to livestock farmers who have project needs that improve their humane farm animal production practices. FACT believes farm animals deserve adequate space, access to the outdoors, clean water and air, the opportunity to express their natural behaviors, and healthful feed.  One of the farms recently recognized by FACT is Bull City Farm, near Durham, North Carolina. Bull City Farm was started in response to Samantha and Scott Gasson\’s desire to feed their family humanely raised meat that they knew had been treated with respect and thoughtfulness. As their kids grew so did the farm but it wasn’t until the purchase of  property in Northern Durham County in 2014 that they could really take off. Samantha has a degree in biology from VA tech and 20+ years of experience teaching. She especially enjoys teaching about animals and farming; so she is the director of their camps and runs the day-to-day on the farm including moving, loading and care of the animals. Scott has a full-time off farm job but works every weekend on the farm….no rest for the weary. All three of their kids work on the farm doing everything from being camp counselors, milking, feeding to filling waters. The whole family works hard to make the farm a success and fulfill its mission:  \”to provide healthy, humanely raised meats and to educate the members of our community about sustainable small scale farming.\”