Makein\’ BaconFest – Jamie Salyer, Lindsay Barrett



Where better to celebrate a Bacon Fest than at Mulvaney\’s B&L in Sacramento, the Farm to Fork Capital of America.  Delicious and innovative pork dishes are served as specials on menus all week, throughout the city, culminating in a competition to show what top chefs can do when provided half a hog to prepare their best pork dishes, and bacon. The 2020 BaconFest Champion is Matt Brown of The Golden Bear! with a winning serving of pork dim sum: a pork and mushroom shumai and a pork bao. The real winners were everyone that got to try all the wonderful dishes from outstanding Chefs. The pork was straight from the farm of Rancho Llano Seco near Chico.  Lindsay Barrett and Jamie Salyer of Yano Seco join Farm To Table Talk to tell what  today\’s consumer wants to know: beyond just tasting good, how the pigs are raised, fed and treated,  before they become the star attraction of a proud chef\’s menu.\"\"