Eco Farm: Honest Sources – Anne Ross



For forty years EcoFarm has convened leaders, researchers, farmers and fans of organic food and farming at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove California. At the  2020 Vision event over 1,000 attendees came to discuss the opportunities and challenges for the future of organic food and farming. Recent Farm To Table Talk  and keynote speaker Bob Quinn offered 5 big solutions to becoming \”chemical free in 43\”. Two other keynote presentations that also earned standing ovations were by Dr. Jonathan Lundgren on transforming science for a regenerative agricultural revolution and Leah Penniman the author of Farming While Black. Both have agreed to be guests on Farm To Table Talk.  The workshop on mending broken parts of the Organic program featured Anne Ross, the Director of International Policy for the Cornucopia Institute.  At EcoFarm we speak with Anne about addressing dishonesty in global sourcing, when \”organic\” grain isn’t really organic.