Blame Cows for Climate Change? – Dr. Frank Mitloehner



It is becoming common to hear  celebrities tell the public that they must cut back on  meat and dairy consumption for the good of the planet.  Whether consumers believe the \”expert\” advice of their favorite performer, the majority of the public does believe that climate change is deadly serious, but are livestock raised for our meat and dairy products to blame?  While ruminant animals (beef, dairy, sheep, and goats) do produce green house gases, the amount produced varies greatly depending on production practices.  It\’s another reason to know where and how your food is produced. Dr. Frank Mitloehner is the Director of the AgAir Quality Center at the Department of Animal Science at UC Davis.  Farm to Table Talk returns to this previously published podcast with Dr. Mitloehner because he so clearly explains what we should consider in making diet choices based on climate impact assumptions.  Additionally Dr. Mitloehner reminds us that a very small fraction of the earth is suitable for Agriculture and only a fraction of that is good for anything but livestock grazing. It\’s one of a number of key facts we have to keep in mind as the Earth gets hotter and more crowded.