Small Is The New Big – Zack Smith

For many it would be a dream come true if their family could be supported from an 80 acre farm instead of the more typical 2,000 acres commodity farm.  In a recent article, Ricardo Salvador of the Union of Concerned Scientists says that dream may be becoming a reality: “We all could use some good news. Here is some. This is a story about breaking free. There’s more than corn, beans and hogs growing in north central Iowa this summer. It turns out that the future may be taking shape just outside Buffalo Center. That’s where farmer Zack Smith has set aside one of his 305 acres of corn/soy to experiment with a system that he calls the Stock Cropper. As the name tells you, both livestock and plants are involved. In the same field. ….The setup involves alternating strips of 12 rows of corn and 20 feet of annual pasture. simultaneously allowing them to range in the open while not damaging the crop. The mobile barns move 11 feet daily through each pasture strip, permitting the livestock to methodically convert forage and soil insects into meat and fertility for the soil by just being themselves.” Ricardo kindly introduced us to Zack Smith who explains how  a better future could come from smaller farms.

Author: @rodger

Rodger Wasson - Raised on family's farm in Central Illinois, after graduating from Illinois State University, Rodger has worked for and with farmers nation-wide and globally who produce beef, almonds, lamb, potatoes, pork, pistachios, strawberries, wool and tomatoes.

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