Love My Market – Ben Feldman


Farmers Markets could be the best thing to happen to Agriculture this century. Some will argue that point because they don’t see how conventional agriculture with large scale commodity production, supplying supermarkets and restaurant chains, benefits from the over 8,600 local farmers markets that have sprung up all over. The simple answer is that the markets have been the catalyst for the Farm to Table movement-triggering curiosity, understanding and respect in the ways our food is grown. Most everyone that shops at their local farmers market also shop at supermarkets and eat at restaurants where they are becoming accustomed to seeing information about the farms and farming systems that produced fresh, canned, jars and frozen foods. These conversations matter a great deal and are added incentive for food producers and farmers to share the story of how they are constantly improving. Additionally Farmers Markets foster a community spirit with direct interaction between the farm and the community. Don’t miss visiting a Farmers Market this week. It is the 20th Annual Farmers Market celebration. This year, the Farmers Market Coalition is highlighting the important role that farmers markets play in fostering entrepreneurship: providing a low-barrier to entry, maximum return on investment, and immediate feedback on new products for small businesses. The executive director of the Farmers Market Coalition Ben Feldman joins the Farm to Table Talk to celebrate the progress and the future of the markets we love. #LoveMyMarket

Author: @rodger

Rodger Wasson - Raised on family's farm in Central Illinois, after graduating from Illinois State University, Rodger has worked for and with farmers nation-wide and globally who produce beef, almonds, lamb, potatoes, pork, pistachios, strawberries, wool and tomatoes.

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