Building Trust – Michael Dimock, Flipping The Tables


\”Flipping the Table\”is the appropriate title of a new podcast hosted by Michael Dimock, the President of Roots of Change.  \”Roots of Change is working to ensure that every aspect of our food from the time it\’s grown to the time it\’s eaten – can be healthy, safe, profitable and fair.\”  Since Farm To Table Talk  and the Flipping The Table Podcast share interest and concern for the future of food and farming, it was only natural that the hosts, Michael Dimock and Rodger Wasson set down to record a shared podcast comparing their journeys and agricultural perspectives.  On Flipping the Tables this was episode #45 \”Dueling podcasters\”.  Here we just call it \”Building Trust\” which is something these friends with often contrasting views, have done with each other and as much as possible for today and tomorrow\’s food system. #rootfsofchange #flippingthetable #podcast #disruptthesystem