Louis Bromfield Now – Rich Collins, Anneliese Abbott, John Jamison & Sukey Jamison

Louis Bromfield planted seeds of the food revolution and reminds us to \”Never forget that agriculture is the oldest of the honorable professions and that always the good farmer is the fundamental citizen of any community, state or nation.\” We are reintroduced to the wisdom and vision of Louis Bromfield in the recently published book, \”The Planter of Modern Life\” by  the author Stephen Heyman.  He was introduced to the Bromfield books of nearly 75 years ago by  Pennsylvania grass farmers, John and Sukey Jamison who had themselves been inspired by Bromfield\’s Malabar Farm. John and Sukey share how Bromfields vision helped them get started when neither had any farming experience.  Regenerative farming leader, Rich Collins, has been a self described Bromfield \’Groupie\’ for years and has visited Bromfields place outside of Paris and Malabar Farms in Ohio. He also has shared Bromfield books  and introduced us to the author of the next Bromfield book, Annaliese Abbott. Rich, Annaliese and the Jamison\’s join the table to discuss the life and lessons of Louis Bromfield. In addition to recommending The Planter of Modern Life, Rich Collins shared the following. \”Most all of these folks focused on the important role of soil as a key element of the water cycle.  As Hugh Bennet wrote back in the mid 30\’s \”Keep the raindrop where it falls.\”  So simple!!
Pleasant Valley (1943) and Malabar Farm (1947) by Louis Bromfield
Water and the Cycle of Life (1958) by Joseph A. Cocannouer
Plowman\’s Folly (1943) and A Second Look (1947) by Edward H. Faulkner
Deserts on the March (1935) by Paul B. Sears
Big Dam Foolishness (1954) by Elmer T. Peterson