Makin\’ Bacon Cost More – Dan Sumner

\"\"Bacon crisis? Or not? Since Californians voted to require more space for pigs, chickens and veal calves, consumers have started to worry about  what it will mean for the price and availability of bacon.  The effects will not only be felt in California but nationwide for pig farmers, meat packers, food distributors, restaurants, supermarkets and consumers. UC Davis AG Economists, Daniel Sumner and Rich Sexton have studied the situation and identified what to expect when consumers in one state want production practices followed that are not required in other states.  Professor Sumner explains that the regulations dictate minimum space just for breeding sows. Fresh pork (not processed) ultimately sold in California can only be from California compliant pens that provide 24 square feet  of space per sow instead of the industry standard 20 square feet–requiring farmers to build more space (higher cost) or cut production  (lower income).  That in turn will have a ripple effect through every state with likely implications to future production standards of other food products. ( But there will be bacon.)