Permaculture Creation – Natalie Bogwalker NC


Permaculture is about creating a permanent culture- a way of living that is completely sustainable.  Natalie Bogwalker lives and teaches this web of life system in the country near Asheville, North Carolina. She is described as a “badass permaculture practitioner, homesteader, businesswoman, and momma.\”  Her five years of experience living primitively at the remote Wild Roots Community in Western North Carolina inspired her to start the Firefly Gathering (the premier Southeast skill sharing festival) and Wild Abundance, a homesteading and permaculture school near Asheville, NC.  Wild Abundance is also a thriving homestead itself, and home to Natalie, her partner Frank and their daughter Hazel, plus a handful of apprentices, work-traders, and Fox, the cat. Natalie joins Farm To Table Talk to share her journey, the recognition of necessary interdependence and path for  others  who share a  permaculture passion and a determination to not just let life happen. Wild Abundance website