Microbe My Goodness — Pam Marrone


There may be nothing more important to the health of our soil, our food, ourselves and ultimately the future of the planet than the microbes beneath our feet and in our bodies.  Yet most of the public, from farmers to consumers, are unaware of this microbial magic and when they learn: \”My goodness!\”  Dr. Pam Marrone tracks microbes down all over the world and explains why they matter. The founder and CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations Inc.  she was honored by the Ecological Farming Association  at the EcoFarm Awards. where she was presented with the Steward of Sustainable Agriculture Award – or “Sustie” – which \”recognizes those who have been actively and critically involved in ecologically sustainable agriculture, and have demonstrated their long-term, significant contributions to the wellbeing of agriculture and the planet.\” Dr. Marrone joins Farm To Table Talk to give us a glimpse of the microscopic \’critters\’  beneath our feet that are foundational for sustainability and the future of food.  https://marronebioinnovations.com/bio-bites/