Powers of Regeneration – Jesse McDougal

\"\"Caroline and Jesse McDougall work everyday to build abundance, diversity, and resilience on their farm in rural southern Shaftbury Vermont. Studio Hill Farm transitioned from conventional chemical management to organic holistic management in 2012.  To rehabilitate 250+ acres of degraded land, they raise sheep, pigs and poultry on pasture and use regenerative management to foster healthy, biologically-active soils—something they’ve mastered to become a Savory Influencer Hub. In order to help pay the bills and ensure that their family farm thrives for generations to come, they have added partnership in a meat processing plant, including tanning capabilities and  agri-tourism as an auxiliary source of income.  They have accessed the capitol needed for expansion through a partnership with Steward—a private commercial lender offering business loans to regenerative farms and ranches. studiohill.farm