Growing Together in Nepal – Katherine Parker

Just try to find anyplace in the world that doesn’t celebrate farm to table in one way or the other. It’s a challenge.  For example you can take a flight to Katmandu, then a propeller plane for another hour or so  and top it off with mules trailing up a mountain where you can still find farm to fork principles such as school gardens, seed distribution, coop formation and eating what they grow, locally. That journey is one often taken by our guest Katherine Parker.  Her personal journey included working with Concerned Farmers of Iowa after advanced studies as a conservation biologist. Today she is the Health & Community Transfomation Advisor for the United Mission to Nepal and a missionary for the Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. She shares a story of communities growing and sharing together, with help from around the world.

Author: @rodger

Rodger Wasson - Raised on family's farm in Central Illinois, after graduating from Illinois State University, Rodger has worked for and with farmers nation-wide and globally who produce beef, almonds, lamb, potatoes, pork, pistachios, strawberries, wool and tomatoes.