Coffee Cherry Pickings – Carole Widmayer



The next time you stare  into your morning coffee, stop to think that there is more to coffee than the ground beans. The fruit that surrounds the bean on the plant is highly nutritious and is now used to produce a high quality flour – \”coffee cherry\”. Carole Widmayer of the Coffee Berry Company joins Farm to Table Talk to discuss this surprising product and the company\’s goal to combat food waste and create jobs by upcycling coffee cherries into a gluten-free, high fiber, antioxidant-rich food ingredient. They deliver economic and environmental sustainability for workers, communities, and the environment in coffee-growing communities using a patented process to upcycle coffee cherry pulp, the 45 billion lbs. of byproduct created annually from the production of green beans, into a functional product. The organization has bee recognized for taking leadership in helping achieve the UN\’s Global Sustainability initiatives while improving the quality of life of coffee farmers.