Sustainable Breakfast – Amy Senter


Today when many large food companies claim to be committed to sustainability and climate friendly regenerative agriculture, skeptics are quick to question. Is it real or is it \”greenwashing\”?  A little on-line research or even better, a strategic conversation with the person responsible for corporate sustainability programs can answer those questions.  Kelloggs has answers and their Senior Director of Global Sustainability Amy Senter explains the extensive range and progress of Kellogg\’s sustainability initiatives. Kellogg\’s\’ Origins projects are helping more than 300,000 farmers implement sustainable agriculture practices, including more than 20,000 smallholders and 10,000 women farmers. \’Origins\’ projects in the U.S. are advancing practices across 250,000 acres to protect soil health, including crop rotation and cover crops.  Table Talk guest Amy Senter serves as co-chair to the US Ag Systems focused Midwest Row Crop Collaborative and she also co-chairs the World Business Council for Sustainable Development\’s Climate Smart Agriculture group. Prior to joining Kellogg\’s, Amy led the National Environmental Policy Act compliance for the USDA. She has degrees in Environmental Science from the University of Michigan.