This Aint Normal – Joel Salatin







\’This aint normal\’ is frequently said today and was the title of a 2011 book by the all-american farmer philosopher, Joel Salatin.  It has led to the most popular question in the world today \”when will we get back to normal?\’  When it comes to our food system the answer is \”maybe never\” and that could be best. Joel Salatin, his family and team at Polyface Farm in Virginia are creating a new normal for themselves and their farmer partners.  When their restaurant customers were forced to close in response to the Corona Virus pandemic, they created a local farm drive thru venture. Consumers place orders on line and then drive thru to pick up the locally produced animal protein and produce. Sales have skyrocketed as up to 300 cars line up to pick up customers\’ prepaid orders. Joel Salatin sees this as a huge opportunity for farmers and consumers all over the country. It aint normal now but there can be better normals ahead.