Honey Do Biz – Matt Kollmorgen


What if you could build an online retail business around your favorite food.  Matt Kollmorgen had that idea when, as many are experiencing today, his former employment ended.  Since he loved honey from when he was a kid growing up and as a grown  up it became important to provide his family with a healthy, nutrient rich alternative to sugar, he found a way to turn his love into a business, \”Bee K\’onscious Artisinal Honey\”.   A business plan was drafted and beekeeper partners were found who use ethical sustainable practices so pure, blockchain traceable, raw honey could be sourced, bottled, posted on line and shipped to discerning families all over. Career changes are on the horizon for many today, so opening an online store featuring a favorite artisanal food can be a solution for new entrepreneurs and consumers who love the expanding choices, from farm to table. www.bkshoney.com