Community, \”Heal Thyself\” – Cathryn Couch, Ceres Project

\"\"There is  good news for people who want to help people: To make a difference you don\’t have to fly to a challenged part of the country or the world; just roll up your sleeves and go to work in your community. That\’s what Cathryn Couch does through the Ceres Community Project that she started in the basement of her Church with some volunteer teens. Today they energisze communities by linking what we eat and how we care for each other with the health of people and planet. From their humble beginnings they have grown to provide thousands of meals that connect locally grown food with people in need. CNN recognized their founder and CEO, Cathryn Couch as one of America\’s \”Community Heroes\”.  Beyond their local community role today they are helping train community leaders across the country and are working on regional \”food as medicine\” projects that recognize good nutrition trumps the costs of drugs and hospitals.