Regenerative Coffee – Juan Luis Barrios


There are some great tastes you just can\’t grow locally. Take coffee for example.  At the Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasting and Coffee shop in Sacramento, Coffee Farmer Juan Luis Barrios has come from his farm in Guatemala to see see what Edie and Andy\’s  customers think of his coffee.  The next stop on his trip will be Scandinavia the other major area their coffees are enjoyed.  (By the way, his coffee is delicious.) Juan Luis takes us through the steps to produce coffee in a sustainable fashion that works for the farmer, the workers, the roasters and those of us who just can\’t think of getting our caffeine in any other way. After listening to this podcast we recommend downloading the Audible Original audio book \”Caffeine\” by Michael Pollan for a full appreciation of the addiction we love and would have a hard time living without.\”