GMO Deregulation — Greg Jaffe

\"\"For better or worse there has been substantial deregulation happening in the US Capitol, now including genetic engineering (GMO/GE).  Greg Jaffe is the Biotech Director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). They believe that GE products deemed safe through an independent science-based assessment have a place in our food system and have long advocated for USDA to revise its regulations to establish a streamlined and efficient regulatory process. However, they have also called for such a system to remain science-based and to address real potential risks posed by GE plants (such as preventing the development of resistant weeds or pests). A new USDA Rule falls far short as it \”eliminates any independent, science-based regulatory review by allowing developers to self-determine their products to be exempt from oversight\”.  CSPI and others are calling on USDA to revisit these provisions and, until they do, \”calling on all GE plant developers to commit to requesting USDA confirm any self-determinations they make\”.