Difference Makers – Mimi Dyer and Steve Gay


Inspiring stories of people making a difference in their communities with food, farming or gardening are showing up all over.  When the person you marry, shares that passion and commitment, it\’s exceptional. Mimi Dyer and her husband Steve Gay are one of those exceptional couples. Mimi is Board President of La Soupe, a nonprofit organization that rescues produce that would be thrown away and creates nutritious and healthy meals for non-profit organizations, food insecure families and customers. She is a volunteer leader in charge of volunteers, outreach and administration. Steve Gay is an Urban Agriculture helper, Master Urban Farmer, master composter, community garden trainer and sustainable agriculturalist. Between the two of them is a bond to do all they can to contribute to reducing food insecurity and building more resilient community.  Today that mission is being realized in the Cincinnati area but wherever the future takes them they plan to role up their sleeves and go to work helping others in need of good food or opportunities to participate, contribute and grow.

https://www.lasoupecincinnati.com  CincyUrbanAg@gmail.com