Farming Wisdom — Jack Woolf, Centenarian

We hear from farmers and people who want to be farmers, but we don\’t often get to hear from farmers who are 100 years old.  Jack Woolf is 100 years old and shares stories of a long lifetime of accumulating wisdom from hand milking cows as a boy in Arizona to creating a large scale, sustainable farming enterprise in Fresno County California.  His  journey transcends battles in World War II and to battles for water.  Hundreds of families have been touched by his journey, culminating in farming connections for Jack and Bernice\’s six children (Anne, Nancy, John, Mike, Stuart and Chris) and 24 grandchildren.  The third generation is already gathering agricultural experiences that include community garden, WOOFing (World-wide opportunities in organic farming), Fair Trade Coffee, Soil Science, specialty crop farming and water law. Listen to the wisdom accumulated by widely respected Jack Woolf over 100 years on this, the first podcast, featuring a 100 year old farmer, on Farm To Table Talk.