Love the Buzz — Billy Synk


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We have all heard that we should care about the health of Bees in our environment, but why? And what can and should be done from farm to table? It turns out that a large percentage of what we eat every day is dependent on bees doing their job  pollinating crops from fields to our own gardens.  This episode\’s table talk is with the Director of Pollination Programs for Project Apis m Billy Synk who manages the Seeds for Bees Project. Billy is an Ohio native who worked with noted bee breeder-geneticist Sue Coby at Ohio State University  and graduated with a degree in Environmental Policy and Management. He has managed bees and participated in bee research projects at UC Davis. The Seeds for Bees program provides free cover crop seed and technical assistance to orchardists  who wish to increase their soil health and pollination efficiency. Project Apis m. a non-profit that is committed to enhancing honey bee health while improving crop production.  It funds and directs research and manages habitat projects that support a diversity of pollinators and wildlife including, honey bees, native bees, monarch butterflies, grouse, pheasants, and songbirds. Love the buzz!