Old Farm New Tables — Chef Matthew Raiford, Farmer and Larder

With his feet planted in the Georgia soil that has been in his family since 1874, Chef Matthew Raiford has his heart in the kitchen where he brings the best of regional, local and organic meals to thankful customers. His journey is unique in many ways, including going West to study Agroecology at the the University of California Santa Cruz. Although the front line of the Farm To Table movement seems light on diversity, there are over 120 African American certified organic farmers in this area. The Chef explains his passion for the soil/farm/table channel and suggestions for future chefs, new farmers and consumers. \”The most intimate thing you can do for someone is to cook them a meal by cooking with your heart and letting it come through your hands. However, being able to talk about the soil, seeds, pasture and environment in which that food you are cooking is grown in should always be an integral part of that intimate act.\” www.farmerand larder.com