Read All About It — Darryl Benjamin and Lyndon Virkler

Finally a Farm To Table Book! The tide is steadily turning to what has been broadly termed the “farm-to-table” movement. In this podcast Farm to Table authors, Darryl Benjamin and Chef Lyndon Virkler explore how the farm-to-table philosophy is pushing modern, industrialized food production and moving beyond isolated “locavore” movements into a broad and far-reaching coalition of farmers, chefs, consumers, policy advocates, teachers, institutional buyers, and many more all working to restore healthful, sustainable, and affordable food for everyone. The authors of the long-awaited tome examine the roots of our contemporary industrial food system, from the technological advances that presaged the “Green Revolution” to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz’s infamous dictum to farmers to “Get big or get out” in the 1970s. The authors explain the food system alternatives―from permaculture to rotation-intensive grazing―that small farmers are now adopting to meet growing consumer demand. They also identify best practices and strategies for schools, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other business and institutions to partner with local farmers and food producers, from purchasing to marketing. No longer restricted to the elite segments of society, the farm-to-table movement now reaches a wide spectrum of America.