Realizing Farm Dreams – Morgan Gold



\”Left a good job in the city…\” is not just John Fogerty\’s lyrics to a great song, it should be the theme for thousands of new farmers, also tired of \”workin for the man every night and day.\” Morgan Gold is one of them. Over the past 12 months, Morgan and his wife quit their jobs in Washington, DC and moved to a farm in a remote part of Northern Vermont. They planted a 600 tree integrated orchard consisting of chestnuts, hazelnuts, elderberries, butternut, mulberries, apple, black locust, Siberian pea shrub and many others. They are also in the process of developing a flock of egg-laying ducks that live in a mobile duck house that travels through their orchard. Their ultimate goal is to develop a long-lasting sustainable farm that is sustainable on three levels – environmentally, financially and personally. To do this, they have been documenting their farm\’s development through a YouTube channel to build a brand  to heavily sell future farm products. If you are pursuing a back to the country dream of your own or just curious/envious of those who are, join Morgan Gold and Rodger Wasson at this Farm To Table conversation.  Check out Morgan Gold\’s you tube videos:  Small Vermont Farm Tour: ; The Duck Harvest:  ; Watching Ducks in Slow Motion:; Why Leave the City?: