Rethink The Ranch — Kevin Kester, NCBA

Why don\’t we say Ranch to Table? Maybe its because people don\’t think about ranches much at all and if they do it may be a distortion of the predominantly family owned ranches that produce beef across the USA. Like all segments of Agriculture today, technology plays a growing role: from using drones to check the cattle to using smart phones from the saddle to upload and download information. In other important ways Ranchers haven\’t changed, still committed to their family, their cattle, their sustainability and their industry. Kevin Kester is a 5th generation California rancher and an elected leader of the National Cattlemen\’s Beef Association. In this episode of \’Ranch\’ To Table he shares the story of his


family\’s ranch and a new consumer campaign that builds on the heritage of the \”Beef It\’s What\’s For Dinner\” promotions with a social media focused invitation for consumers to #RethinkTheRanch.