Sustainable Dream Regulatory Nightmare — John Duarte, Farmer & Nurseryman

Every farmer is proud to explain the improvements they\’ve made in sustainability. Tragically that progress doesn\’t insulate them from existential threats of over regulation. John Duarte, farmer and President of Duarte Nursery, is one of those unfortunate enough to successfully purse the dream of sustainability, only to be laid low by Federal legal action that threaten the five generation family operation. The Army Corps of Engineering has taken the Duarte\’s to court, but John Duarte still sees a long-term upside \”We need to protect the integrity of our environmental laws so we can come together to solve future environmental problems….We have a legitimate durable ability to compromise and solve problems.\” This isn\’t a typical Farm To Table visit, but if you truly want to know the full story behind that Sauvignon clone and almonds we enjoy before dinner, here is a challenge that farmers: large, small, organic or conventional, face today.