The Next Farmers — Joel Salatin, \’Idea Salesman\’ of Polyface Farm

\”Heretics of the World unite!\” Joel Salatin farms, writes, speaks and stirs up people all over the world with his perspective. Joel says that everywhere in the world the number one issue is \”who will replace the aging farmers.\” The average age of farmers in the US is now 60 (70 in Japan) and within 15 years 50% of all the the Ag equity in the world will change hands. It\’s a brand new phenomenon that creates unprecedented opportunity for young people to start farming. If you want to farm and are not sponsored or rich, take the \”craft\” door instead of the \”commodity\” door. Joel explains how to take first steps. He also sees the current distrust with international pesticide/seed corporations shifting to \”Global Industrial Organic\” companies that have put on white hats while they take business from local direct farm sales, farmers markets, and CSA\’s, If you want to be a farmer, start now.