Welcoming Farms — Farmers, Friends and Neighbors

\"\"Let\’s have a farm tour! That\’s an idea that is more important than ever, now that so few people have any personal connection with farming–except for their Farmers Market, CSA\’s, Farm To Table Restaurants and retail stores that share farmer stories.  Penny Ellis decided it was time to do something\"\"\"\", so a \’meet-up\’ evolved into Open Farm Tours. Ellen Farmer joined her this year for an event that brought over a thousand people to 10 farms.  Farm To Table Talk visits with Ellen Farmer about organizing an event like this and then we visit the farms to talk with the farmers about living their dreams: Sylvia Prevedelli of Prevedelli Farms, Molly Baker of Lonely Mountain Farms, Tom Broz of Live Earth Farm, Dennis Tamura of Blue Heron Farm, Delmar McComb of Blossoms Farm and Rebeccah Pendexter of Stone Meal Farm. They\’re helping connect farms, food and families through www.openfarmtours.com\"\"