Beliefs & Behaviors — Liz Sanders & Alex Lewin-Zwerdling, IFIC

What consumers believe about food and how they behave is continually evolving. To track, understand and predict the ever evolving consumer perspectives, the International Food Information Council (IFIC) conducts an annual Food & Health consumer survey. IFIC\’s Dr. Alex Lewin-Zwerdling and Liz Sanders share with Farm To Table Talk key points that have been learned in the recently completed Survey. Not surprisingly consumers still rank Taste and Price as most important in making food choices, but Health has now passed \”Convenience\” and Sustainability has risen to the top tier of what matters most to consumers–especially Millenials. Consumers are ore inclined to make small changes instead of a big overhaul. Health \”halos\” are created with \”fresh, short ingredient list, natural food store origin, expensive, name brand,\”, etc. Consumers have different ideas about processed: a bag of baby carrots is viewed as \”processed\” food but if they are labled \”Organic baby Carrots\” they are not considered \”processed\”. The 2017 Food & Health Survey is available at