Organic Mothership U — Daniel Press & Martha Brown UC Santa Cruz

If any University has the right to the claim \”Mothership\” of sustainable and Organic food production, it is the University of California at Santa Cruz. For the past FIFTY (50) years trainees and students have come to Santa Cruz from all over the world for inspiration and to learn sustainable farming and gardening skills. It started in 1967 with the unlikely intervention of a Countess bringing a global Organic prophet with unparalleled hands-in-the-soil experience to the beautiful new UC Campus on a hill overlooking Monterey Bay. The seeds of these endeavors have sprouted Agrocecology, Food Justice, Farm To Table, Farm To School, Urban Gardens and thousands of disciples. The celebration of this remarkable half century at UCSC is underway. More information on the 50th celebration and the on-going opportunities at UCSC are available at , the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems. Martha Brown, Principal Editor and Daniel Press, Executive Director share the history and opportunities sustainability and organic devotees at the Mothership on the Farm to Table Talk Podcast.