BioMaximizing — Glenda Humiston, UC-ANR


Biomass is basically every part of plants, what we eat and what we don\’t.  The more fruits and vegetables that we eat the more BioMass that is left over that can be either a serious problem or a brand new opportunity. Farm to Table explores this new world with Dr. Glenda Humiston, Vice President of Agriculture and Natural Resources for the University of California. We usually just talk about what we eat, but plant \’left overs\’ can contribute to climate change or a large reduction in carbon footprint.  New processing cooperatives could produce Cellulistic nano fibers that can be used to produce hi-tech cross-laminated timber that in turn may be used to build skyscrapers.  A  plant based \”wood first\” policy will replace some concrete and steel buildings that will be stronger in earthquakes and more cost effective to build. Our conversation travels from BioMass to controlled environment farming, food for Mars, opportunities for volunteers and the foundational role of 4-H.