Food\’s Broad Tent — Joel Salatin

\"\"Whether you farm ideas, dreams, plants or animals we better be prepared.  Joel Salatin, the self-referenced lunatic farmer of Polyface farms has prepared thousands of people for their own type of farming and he\’s doing it again with another book, \”Your Successful Farm Business\”.  As the title suggests, it\’s helpful to farmers, but not just for farmers. In this conversation with Joel we talk about farming, writing books and the common concern found everywhere he\’s been in the world: mistrust. It\’s what is driving people to look for authenticity–the flip side of mistrust. Farming is a subset of the food system–the broadest tent where a mistrustful public\’s hunger for authenticity is ubiquitous. Joel shares a food-centered message for farmers and people who may never have a farm \’farm\’ but who can get energized about not letting farm land turn into another strip mall.