Growing Incomes and Nutrition — Ricardo Salvador, UCS

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\”Are we willing to pay more for food or just be quiet and accept the fact that we are an exploitive food system?\”  This is the tough question posed by Ricardo Salvador of the Union of Concerned Scientists on Farm To Table Talk and to an event in San Francisco hosted by the Food &Environmental Reporting Network (FERN) and the Center of Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA).The meeting room at the Ferry Building was filled with Bay Area \’foodies\’, activists, media and others interested in the food movement for a discussion entitled \”Hunger In The Age of Trump\”. A key message is that true sustainability must go beyond environment and include adequate income for farmers, farm workers and others up and down the food chain–all the way to our own table.  Farm To Table Talk brings that straight talk to this podcast with Ricardo Salvador emphasizing that instead of boasting about the shockingly low percentage of disposable income Americans spend on food, we should be ashamed that more doesn\’t go to back from restaurant or retailer workers all the way back to the farmers who also often make just enough to hang on, let alone pay more to their own workers.  If we spend more for food, we may have to spend less on other things, but that’s a conversation for a different podcast, such as the Minimalists.