Burning Bridges to Farm – Tim Young


\"\"We need new farmers and unhappy careerists wish they could farm. Is this a \”just do it\” moment?  There are a million reasons that it might not be that simple, but there are thousands of people who have concluded that they can\’t take the \”rat race\” any longer and are looking for a better life on a farm of their own.  Some will argue that this movement won\’t \”feed the world\” but no one argues that it can\’t \”feed the soul\”.  Tim Young was an Investment Banker and his wife a Fashion Designer when they said \”enough\” and moved to a small farm hundreds of miles away in northern Georgia.  While many have to transition slowly, keeping an off farm job, Tim felt that the ideal was to \”burn your bridges\” behind you and that is what they did as they built a farm from scratch with pasture raised livestock, cheese production, farmers market, direct sales and all that goes with them- although they had never farmed before. They found that beyond just hard work and the passion for the dream of farming, \”marketing\” was the key to success.  Tim started sharing this formula for success with others who wanted to make the plunge and today operates the Small Farm Nation Academy.  In this Farm To Table Talk, Tim explains the difference between these beginning small farmers who must create their own markets and Commodity farming. Both kinds of farming can be environmentally sustainable but neither will not  if they are not economically sustainable.   https://smallfarmnationacademy.com/